Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Friday

Good morning everyone and can I just start this post by saying HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Only 9 days until Christmas! Sheesh…it seems like it comes around faster and faster every year!
I am SO excited to announce that Ashley over at Stealing Baby Kisses is hosting a giveaway for LolaMae Creations today through the weekend! You don’t wanna miss out on this awesome opportunity to score some {LMC} loot. Check it out here! Ashley has been so great to work with and her blog {and her little boy, of course} is the cutest!
With the Christmas holiday rapidly approaching, I figured I would take a moment to provide Santa {or the fiancé, friends, parents, anyone feeling especially generous, you get the picture…} with a snippet of my Christmas list. My top five…
Perfume! Specifically, Nina by Nina Ricci…I discovered this gem of a perfume about two years ago and my nose hasn’t enjoyed another perfume quite as much since. I recently ran out and after going perfume-less for a couple months, I think it’s about time to replenish my stash!

Uggs…I love all shapes and sizes, colors and styles of these magnificent boots. But I have my eye on a particularly snazzy {yes, I just said snazzy} pair this year…I’m hoping to make these babies mine!

 Chaptstick, chapstick, and more chaptstick. I would be happy if I received an entire stocking chocked full of this schtuff. I’m pretty much addicted…I have a chapstick on my night stand, in the car, in my purse, in my desk at work, at my work station in the studio…and I’m running low on my supply, eek!!

Nook Color…I had my reservations about this one, insisting for the last few years that I just can’t give up on real books…but with the new color version of the nook, along with its capability of using apps, web browsing, watching movies on the go, and of course uploading books {with no waiting…great for an impatient lady, such as myself!} I think I’m going to give it a go. I’m super excited so I hope Santa {wink!} decides to leave one under the tree for me!

And if Santa is feeling especially generous, I would love nothing more than to slip behind the wheel of this bad boy. It’s kiiind of always been a goal of mine to walk outside Christmas morning to find a shiny new car with a ginormous red bow on the hood just waiting for me…

There you have it kids. My top five Christmas list. Use it wisely.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone and don't forget to check out my giveaway!!!

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