{List Maker} {Lucky Charms} {Coffee in a yellow mug} {Blog Peruser} {Nickname Giver} {Handsome fiancé lover} {Fur Baby Smoocher} {Snooze Button} {Hopeless Romantic} {Sunday morning relaxer} {Creative Thinker} {Chapstick Addict} {Reality TV} {Cookie Dough ice cream...let's be honest--any kind of ice cream} {Dino obsessed} {Baby toe tickler} {Texter but not phone talker} {Aqua painted toenails} {Yoga} {Mountain Lover} {Steering Wheel Singer} {Surprises} {Fall leaf kicker} {Chai Tea} {Dream BIG Dreamer} {Sunshine soaker-upper} {Goal Maker} {Dog Lover} {Sleep Talker} {Power Pump} {Love sleeping in hotels} {Never met a doughnut I didn’t like} {Love the smell of Library Books} {Kindness} {Massages} {Giving random smiles}

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