Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Setting up Shop!

I am SO excited to announce that my shop will officially be up and a’runnin’ on November 15th! That’s next  Tuesday. As in 7 days, if you count today. Which I am. Because I have oh-so-much work to do! Eek! Ever since I discovered Etsy a few months back, I’ve become completely inspired and my mindset about handmade products has done a 180. There are so many awesome and awe-inspiring products out there. So many talented people! I am so excited to join the marketplace of Etsy while trying my hand at selling my pretty products and to chronicle my adventures along the way.
So far this week, I’ve been pretty stressed about all the preparation that it takes to set up an Etsy shop properly. I’ve been designing, cutting, setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts, ordering Etsy banners, shipping supplies, and business cards, not to mention sewing up a storm in my little ‘studio’. Manly Man has been extremely supportive of my endeavor but Miss Lola is not so understanding. She would much rather play than watch me sew for hours on end!  Poor Lola Mae.

I will leave you all with a sneak peak of a few of my creations. Check back for more details soon!! {Hopefully by that time, I haven’t disappeared into a mountain of scrap fabric and thread!}

Happy Hump day everyone!  

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