Monday, November 28, 2011

I will say yes...

I will say yes…

I say yes to gym time…even when I’m tired.
I say yes to quality time spent doing nothing at all with my man and my doggie.

I say yes to letting go of old hang-ups and insecurities.
I say yes to going out on a limb.

I say yes to chai tea and scarves.
Yes to positivity!

I say yes to never comparing myself to others again.
I say yes to new experiences and people.

Yes to working my booty off to get my business going.
I say yes to laughing so hard my belly hurts.

I say yes to letting go of past hurts.
I say yes to giving my fiancé the unconditional love he deserves.

I say yes to time with family.
I say yes to letting go of control.

Yes to walks with my chunky pup.
I say yes to busting out of my comfort zone.

What will you say YES to this week?

M.M. and I this past weekend celebrating his big 3-0!! {More photos to follow}

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